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  • Underlay IPv6 (Epic IPVSIX-45)
    • Apex Improvement: IPv6 support in OVS VxLAN (and/or GRE) tunnel endpoints with OVS 2.6+
    • Compass Installer Support:
      • COMPASS-546
      • Deferred to F Release. But if Compass team can complete it in 5.2.0 or 5.3.0, everyone will be happier.
    • Underlay Testing for ODL API endpoints (For Future Release)
      • JIRA-46
      • ODL is not interested in underlay IPv6. Their current focus is on Inter data center, external connectivity using BGP VPN in ODL for tenant network (overlay) only.
      • This is dropped for future release
    Overlay IPv6 Gaps in ODL (Epic JIRA-47)
    • IPv6 Router Support – external routing (north-south)
    • ODL on IPv6 only infrastructure (tentativedeferred for future release)
    • VxLAN tunnel with IPv6 endpoints. Dependencies are:
      • OVS 2.6+
      • Test Cases in ODL to validate the feature support in ODL
      • Installer ability to properly configure it