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  • Documentation

    • ODL documentation led by ODL experts

      • Expert: Charles Eckel (eckelcu) <>: Documentation lead on Unimgr, and able to help a bit with getting started with ODL
    • Idea-a-Thon: produce solution briefs

  • Interoperability of Orchestrators Across Controllers

    • Open source and vendor specific allowed

    • Several specific combinations will be available as a starting point or bring your own!

      • Expert: Ignas Bagdonas <>: BGP related - ODL BGP implementation and its subcomponents, for BGP-LS in particular, and SFC related components too.
  • OPNFV Solutions
    • Running Functest against OpenStack XCI

      • Get OPNFV Functest running against existing/predeployed bifrost/openstack-ansible virtual os-nosdn-nofeature-noha scenario (1 controller/1 compute)

      • Expert: Fatih Degirmenci <>: OPNFV guru
    • ODL Autorelease for XCI

      • Work on ODL distro for OPNFV to make consuming ODL in OPNFV faster

      • Expert: Fatih Degirmenci <>: OPNFV guru
    • Bring ODL CSIT tests into OPNFV for XCI

      • Expert: Fatih Degirmenci <>: OPNFV guru

  • VNF on ONAP
  • Apps on OpenSwitch (OPX Base)

General Info Page for Hackathon: