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The Carrier Grade Network Address and port Translation (vCG-NAPT) is a VNF approximation extending the life of the service providers IPv4 network infrastructure and mitigate IPv4 address exhaustion by using address and port translation in large scale. It processes the traffic in both the directions. It also supports the connectivity between the IPv6 access network to IPv4 data network using the IPv6 to IPv4 address translation and vice versa.

The picture presents the example of vCG-NAPT VNF deployment in service provider network.

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Users and Benefit:

Quick and easy demos without any infrastructure or lab constrains.

Can be easily automated for daily integration testing.

The reference VNF is used for platform bench-marking and providing a performance reference point for characterizing and comparing platforms given the same set of test conditions.

The vCG-NAPT implementation contains following features:

  • Static and dynamic Network address translation.
  • Static and dynamic Network address and port translation
  • ARP (request, response, gratuitous)
  • ICMP (terminal echo, echo response, pass-through)
  • UDP, TCP and ICMP protocol pass-through
  • Multithread support and Multiple physical port support
  • Limiting max ports per client
  • Limiting max clients per public IP address
  • Live Session tracking to NAT flow
  • NAT64 – connectivity between IPv6 access network to IPv4 data network.

Work Flows:

  • Instantiation
  • Performance based  characterizing and comparing platforms given the same set of test conditions

Control Automation:

Project Impact:

No additional work.





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