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Contact points in OpenStack

  • (Abandonded) OpenStack Telco WG WG aimed to define use cases and identify and prioritise the requirements which are needed to deploy, manage, and run telecommunication services on top of OpenStack. This work included identifying functional gaps, creating blueprints, submitting and reviewing patches to the relevant OpenStack projects and tracking their completion in support of telecommunication services.
  • (Silent) OpenStack Product WG is an OpenStack developer community aiming at reflecting the needs of the various markets adopting the platform by creating user stories that reflect the voice of the end-users/operators. These user stories will focus on items that have traditionally been harder to implement based on the need for cross-project coordination and significant development time (spanning multiple releases).
  • (Silent) OpenStack Operators Telecom/NFV working group It is taking up the work from recent telco-wg and trying to re-focus to better improve the NFV/Telco – OpenStack collaborations. Related emails in OpenStack will be posted to with tag [telecom-nfv]:

OPNFV related blueprints

The table below is a summary of the currently in-flight blueprints up until OpenStack Ocata.