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  •  High level description of OPNFV-ONAP project and ONAP use case and benefits:

    Since the integration of Open-O and OPNFV has been successfully released in Danube, ONAP brings together Open ECOMP and Open-O projects as a comprehensive platform for real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual network functions that will enable software, network, IT and cloud providers and developers to rapidly create new services. By consolidating member resources, ONAP will deliver a unified architecture and implementation, with an open standards focus, faster than any one project could on its own.

    This project seeks to integrate ONAP with the OPNFV reference platform for multi-VIM/cloud, and it supports multiple use cases. The project will definitely benefit not only OPNFV and ONAP, but can be referenced by other OPNFV projects as well. In particular, this project is basically use case driven. Based on that, it will focus on the real-world use cases such as vCPE and VoLTE.

    The requirement is designed to support integration among ONAP and OpenStack as VIM.

    The integration is use case driven. ONAP integration will need a new scenario to deploy in multiVIM environment, which requires an installer to set up the scenario. Then functest FuncTest will be used as testing framework to deploy VNFs for use cases and test the framework.



  • Architecture diagrams  reference to OPNFV requirements list.

    Currently OPNFV has already included upstream OpenStack as VIM, and Juju and Tacker have been being considered as gVNFM by different OPNFV projects. OPEN-O as NFVO part of MANO will interact with OpenStack and Juju. The key items required for the integration can be described as follows.


  • execute other test scripts as well.                       



ONAP is scoped for the integration

OPEN-O ONAP includes various components for OPNFV MANO integration. The initial release of integration will be  focusing on NFV-O, Common service and Common TOSCA. Other components of Open-O will be gradually integrated to OPNFV reference platform in later release.