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Swift Profiling

Need to find an HTTP client that can provide periodic metrics similar to FIO.  We would be looking for:

  • Round trip latency:
    • how long does it take before HTTP response comes back
    • Is there a way to measure latency periodically?
  • Bandwidth (throughput) metrics:
    • What is the speed of HTTP GET (read) data stream?
    • Can it be measured periodically?
    • Speed of HTTP PUT stream (write)?
    • Does swift support PATCH or other update-in-place methods?
  • Speed of HTTP DELETE?

Note: this also requires a change to the fundimental fundamental concept of profiling.  While we still create stacks and use VMs to run the HTTP client, we will not attach a Cinder volume to them.  We also do not run the same workloads, so we need to invent workloads that are appropriate for Swift (ie: block size, random read/write not relevant).  Queue depth is probably still relevant (ie: the number of HTTP clients per VM to run).

Could look at JMeter.

How does the profiling run?  Should it run as a VM under OpenStack, or should it be an external client? Mark Beierl to get more information from the community of how they want to see this executed

Multi Stack Support

  • storperf_master uses job db (sqllite) for storing values.  Is this even necessary?
  • Create an intermediate object that holds key/value pairs: key = stack name, value = storperf_master for that stack?
  • API can then use the stack name as key to direct work to the appropriate storperf_master.
  • How does this affect reporting?


Bottlenecks Intern Project


  • Cirros as a target OS does not always seem to work.  Sometimes it does not see the /dev/vdb device and must be rebooted before it shows up.
  • Work with fastpath to look at collecting stats on the hypervisor while StorPerf is running.  Check with Maryam Tahhan on what makes sense.
  • Support new Mirantis FUEL as in installer for the StorPerf daily job.
  • XCI integration
  • Leverage Functest and Yardstick code for OpenStack interaction
  • Integration of reporting module with OPNFV TestResults