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TopicsTime budget (e.g. x hours)ParticipantsNotesHW resource plan/requirement
ONAP integration 

Bryan Sullivan

Tina Tsou

k8s in OPNFV 

Narinder Gupta

Wenjing Chu

ETSI PlugTest test suites    

Trevor Cooper

Wenjing Chu

Stress testing 

Trevor Cooper

Doctor: Telco host scheduled maintenance Tomi JuvonenPOC demo and discussion 
Release Automation 

Trevor Bramwell

Cloud native NFV Wenjing Chu  
VNF/NFVi characterization w/ Yardstick Ross Brattainenabling new testcases, CGNAPT, vFW RFC2544 with Ixia/Trex with installers. 
Docker Infrastructure & Builds Trevor Bramwell  
Installer External/Provider networks for testing with HW traffic generators Ross BrattainInstaller support for VNF characterization