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The situation varies: some third party projects have native code for x86_64 only others they have multiple arch native code but are missing arm64.

                * jnr (

                                               Extend jnr-jffi ( to support aarch64 compiler (we need hardcore aarch64 assembler knowleageble plus some java)


                * jline (

                                               Extend jansi project ( this seems to be easy achievable (I didn't get help from their community but I was able to build it and store it local in a maven nexus repo.


                * jna (

                                               This project has arm(32 I presume) support for the used version 3.4.0. There is a newer version 4.2.0 that has also arm64 (our architecture) support. To Do check that uppgrading the project doesn't brake anything.


                * jruby (

                                               Extend jruby-complete that has the native shared object it's also buildable for aarch64 (we can do it inhouse as well)

The previous dependencies have been provided. However I wouldn't delete the whole list as I expect we would find more after the successfull build of all onap project dockers on arm64 CI on vexxhost servers.

These previous dependencies where problematic as they required some arm64 assembler work which was provided by ARM. There is no guarantee we will not find more of the same problem but I expect most of the new depencies to have an easier solution like updating to a newer dependenciy version in onap projects or dependencies or building some libs on arm64 architecture and provding them in the dependencies projects.


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