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1opnfv_yardstick_tc010ComputeYES10 minMeasure memory read latency using lmbench. 
2opnfv_yardstick_tc012ComputeYES3 minMeasure memory read and write bandwidth using lmbench.  
3opnfv_yardstick_tc014ComputeYES5 minMeasure CPU Processing speed using unixbench.  
4opnfv_yardstick_tc055ComputeYES Collect hardware specification from /proc/cpuinfo /proc/meminfo. 
5opnfv_yardstick_tc069ComputeYES5 minMeasure memory read and write bandwidth using ramspeed.  
76opnfv_yardstick_tc070ComputeYES13 minMeasure network throughput and packet loss using pktgen.  
87opnfv_yardstick_tc071ComputeYES13 minMeasure cache hit/miss ratio and usage, network throughput and late 
98opnfv_yardstick_tc023Compute  Live migration 
109opnfv_yardstick_tc078Compute  CPU2006 
1110opnfv_yardstick_tc082Compute  Perf 
1211opnfv_yardstick_tc005StorageYES13 minMeasure Storage IOPS, throughput and latency using fio.  
1312opnfv_yardstick_tc063StorageYES Measure disk size, block size and disk utilization using fdisk and  
1413opnfv_yardstick_tc074StorageYES StorPerf is a tool to measure block and object storage performance  
1514opnfv_yardstick_tc079Stroage  Bonnie++ 
1615opnfv_yardstick_tc001NetworkYES Measure network throughput usingpktgen.        pktgen  
1716opnfv_yardstick_tc002NetworkYES4 minEvaluation of network latencybetweentwo VMinstances. 
1817opnfv_yardstick_tc008NetworkNO 2 hourMeasure network throughput and packet loss usingPktgen.cost long time
1918opnfv_yardstick_tc009NetworkNO 45 minMeasure network throughput and packet loss usingpktgen.cost long time
2019opnfv_yardstick_tc011NetworkYES5 minMeasure packet delay variation (jitter) usingiperf3. 
2120opnfv_yardstick_tc037NetworkYES13 minMeasure network throughput and packet loss usingpktgen. 
2221opnfv_yardstick_tc038NetworkYES Measure network throughput and packet loss usingpktgen. 
2322opnfv_yardstick_tc042NetworkNO  Measure network latency not work
2423opnfv_yardstick_tc043NetworkYES Measure latency between NFVI nodes usingping. 
2524opnfv_yardstick_tc072NetworkYES11 minMeasure network throughput and packet loss usingpktgen. 
2625opnfv_yardstick_tc073NetworkNO  Measure network latency and throughput usingnetperf.depend on ubuntu node
2726opnfv_yardstick_tc075NetworkYES Measure network capacity and scale. 
2827opnfv_yardstick_tc076NetworkNO 8 minMonitor errorrate of IP datagram, ICMP message, TCP/UDPsegment.can be added
2928opnfv_yardstick_tc077NetworkNO  Measure network throughput and packet.rely on dpdk
3029opnfv_yardstick_tc083Network  Measure throughput per VM using netperf 
3130opnfv_yardstick_tc019HA     YES Controller node nova-apiservicefailure.  
3231opnfv_yardstick_tc025HA     NO  Controller node abnormallyshutdown. need to know ipmi info and will shutdown the node, so may be added at the bottom
3332opnfv_yardstick_tc045HA     YES Controller node neutron-server servicefailure.  
3433opnfv_yardstick_tc046HA     YES Controller node keystone servicefailure.  
3534opnfv_yardstick_tc047HA     YES Controller node glance-apiservicefailure.  
3635opnfv_yardstick_tc048HA     YES Controller node cinder-apiservicefailure.  
3736opnfv_yardstick_tc049HA     YES Controller node swift-proxy servicefailure.  
3837opnfv_yardstick_tc050HA     YES Controller node networkfailure.  
3938opnfv_yardstick_tc051HA     YES Controller node CPUoverload.  
4039opnfv_yardstick_tc052HA     YES Controller node disk I/Ooverload.  
4140opnfv_yardstick_tc053HA     YES Controller nodeload balance servicefailure.  
4241opnfv_yardstick_tc054HA     NO  Virtual IP master nodefailure. same with tc025, also need to know the vip
4342opnfv_yardstick_tc056HA     NO  Controller node Messaging Queue Service HighAvailability. new in Euphrates
4443opnfv_yardstick_tc057HA     NO  Controller node Cluster Management Service HighAvailability. new in Euphrates
4544opnfv_yardstick_tc058HA     NO  Controllernode Virtual Router Service in Euphrates
4645opnfv_yardstick_tc080K8S    YES K8s test case 
4746opnfv_yardstick_tc081K8S    NO  K8s + Openstack test caseno scenario for now