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Included here is a flow/ process context diagram with reference to OPNFV EUAG and Dovetail chain. .



Refer Diagram for

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Project 'dovestack' as name suggests is addressing pain points of dovetail test plan development during the early part of release to proactively address the execution of selected use case needed for a given release of Dovetail


3. Provide inputs through Alfa and Beta testing to complete Functional and Dovetail testing for Scenario selected for the release.

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Out of scope:

A. Identifying use case is out of scope except the first release in OPNFV for dovestack to establish a beach head as feeder to OPNFV where Clearwater vIMS has been attempted in past releases.


Committers and Contributors: (Please add your names and affiliations , based on your contribution plans.)


Names and affiliations of the committers

1. Prakash Ramchandran ( -Futurewei Technologies Tech, Inc.



Trinath  Somanchi  ( ) - NXP

Srikanth Kumar Lingala ( ) - NXP

Mohan kumar ( - Non-member Individual Contributor(tentative)

Names and affiliations of any other contributors







Planned deliverable:


Described the project release package as OPNFV or open source upstream projects.

project test bundle dovestack/vnf/ims/tests.tar.gz  or CSAR file as per VNF best practices for ease to feed to Dovetail, as feeder to doevtail vnf/ims testing through FUNCTEST/Dovetail tool

If project deliverable have multiple dependencies across other project categories, described linkage of the deliverable

FUNCTEST and Dovetail uses  docker images and have input dependency on leveraging their containers on Jumpjost.

The leveraging of this tests is subject to Installer and Dovetail collaboration for testing scenarios for selected VNF (in F Clearwater vIMS)


Proposed Release Schedule:


When is the first release planned? OPNFV Release F

Will this align with the current release cadence - Yes if OPNFV F is considered as current


Use the above information to create a key project facts section on your project page

Key Project Facts


Project Name: DevOps feeder stack for Dovetail support (dovestack)

Repo name: dovestack

Lifecycle State: Proposal

Primary Contact: Prakash Ramchandran

Project Lead:

Jira Project Name: Same as Project name

Jira Project Prefix: [10 Characters max [A-Z] ]

mailing list tag [Should match Jira Project Prefix]


*Link to TSC approval: Example*

Link to approval of additional submitters: Example 

Prasad Gorja  ( ) - NXP