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  • The Clover project intends to integrate and test a cloud native computing framework for NFV use cases, based on CNCF and other upstream components and cloud native computing community’s best methodologies and tools.

  • Cloud native computing technology can be very beneficial to NFV in terms of elasticity, scalability, dynamism, resilience,  simplified operation, among others. In the area of edge NFV, it also has the benefit of being more lightweight. Although cloud native may not be suitable in all use cases, it can clearly be an important addition to the OPNFV solutions.

  • Clover will require Kubernetes, which can be the output of other OPNFV projects, e.g. container4nfv or XCI or other k8s scenarios. It will also be transparent to Clover if Kubernetes runs natively in bare metal or on Openstack virtual machines or other underlying cloud computing platforms (like AWS, GCE, …).