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Goal 1 - Sync with the latest version of the components

  • ODL Nitrogen --> ODL Oxygen (tentative release February)
  • OpenStack Ocata --> OpenStack Pike (released in September 2017)
  • OVS 2.6  --> OVS 2.8 (released in September 2017)
  • Move to odl_v2 driver of networking-sfc
  • Start using the OpenStack library from SNAPS instead from Functest which is deprecated


  • Correct deletion of chains and classification rules
  • Symmetric chains
  • SFs belonging to different chains


Goal 3 - MANO investigations


  • Support of OpenStack Queens and openstack master branch
  • Added required functionality in Tacker
  • Reduced the footprint of the image we use for testing
  • Added CI/CD pipeline to test latest ODL (on-going)
  • Refactor test cases to reuse as much code as possible (on-going)
  • Showcase our XCI - SFC integration in ONS (on-going)
  • Daily run our functest testcases in CI with XCI (on-goin)


Uncommon Dependencies

Detailed Requirements and Tasks (JIRA)