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How Achieved

Participant Preparation required

Action items out


New TSC Chair Introduction: Tim Irnich, Ericsson (5 min)

Introduce Tim

For information.



OPNFV Plugfest Update (10 min)


Ray to give an update

Euphrates Plugfest update.pptx

Registration link:

Registrations ~100 (Max is 125). New Service provider participation welcome.
3CVP Update (5 min)Ray/Brandon to give an updateCVP Governance Document PageFor Information. New Service provider participation welcome.

VCO Demo 2.0 (Mobile Services) (5 min)

Brandon to give an updateVCO Demo 2.0 Home

For information. New Service provider participation welcome.

51:1 EUAG Member Interviews Recap & Member Presentations (5 mins)Brandon to give an update For information. Member presentations welcome in 2018.

Review status of processing "Pain Point" inputs (5 min)

Randy to preview the 11/29 pain points discussion.

Review the Pain Points wiki.

Add details to the pain points

Prepare for next pain points meeting

Translate pain points into specific tasks for individual projects, TSC or board


Directing OPNFV Integration testing towards VNFs acceptance/ onboarding rather than platform testing as a means to help "defragment" the industry around the VNF provider - OPNFV platform handoff

(10 min)

Steven/Randy to discuss what we mean by VNF onboarding and VNFs as a testing focus.

Discuss whether this sort of "defragmentation" is achievable through at OPNFV

Review OPNFV Charter

EUAG Charter

TSC Charter

OPNFV Mission

Do we have a recommendation to the board/ TSC on how much emphasis OPNFV should place on VNF centric/ onboarding centric testing ?

8December & 2018 Meeting ScheduleOpen DiscussionNoneDiscuss moving the date/time of the December meeting to match the plugfest and the general meeting calendar for 1H2018.