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C-RAN means Cloud Radio Access Network or Centralized Radio Access Network. The basic concept is to consolidate compute resources to run some radio access functions  in a datacenter, rather than in a base station. Some of the functions which can be centralized may include centralized eNodeB processing (virtual baseband unit (vBBU) or Radio Cloud Center (RCC)), virtualized Mobility Management Entity (vMME), and virtualized Signalling/Processing Gateway (virtual S/GW or P/GW). Several of these virtual functions impose strict timing or performance requirements for signal processing to be compliant with existing standards. The goal of this project is to document the requirements of these virtual functions, and propose a reference architecture for a complete C-RAN architecture which we can deploy on OPNFV infrastructure.  

The C-RAN project is wireless communication network integration and testing project based on NFV architecture. Establish an NFV cloud platform that supports wireless Application. Based on wireless communication needs, increase performance NFVI for wireless cloud platform provides network technology, expand MANO the technical characteristic of wireless resource support, firstly complete the deployment of RAN-VNF instances based on 4G LTE standard, secondly complete the integration and testing of the RAN-VNF and RAN-PNF instances of the 5G standard CU/DU architecture and establish the strategy for wireless communication network optimization scheme.