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  • ETSI Plugtest: 
    • Came up with some good ideas on what kind of value OPNFV can bring for co-hosting. Contribute test cases for June event (e.g. stress testing, OPNFV Verified, etc.).  This activity needs to start ~February right after the January event.   Use test specifications that we could add to CVP and help edit ETSI specs (test fairies).
  • Narinder K8s in OPNFV:
    • Presented an overview of LXD, process containers, application containers, Kubernetes, MaaS, Juju. Use cases for different containers. Maas/Juju deployment covered for VMs, bare metal and public clouds.
  • Apex Deploy & Test session:
    • Dan -- Got a change chance to work through the Apex architecture, configuration files, deployment and deploymenttesting. Lot of good questions about installation and deployment and integration. How we can make things better. Two Intel PODs where Apex is being installed . Planned were worked on after the session. These are planned for some ONAP testing, and Barometer testing occuring.
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  • Compass4NFV Deploy & Test session: 
    • Justin - How to use Compass to deploy OPNFV. Used Compass to do a virtual deployment, how to configure networking, servers. Talked about bare metal as well. Covered containers k8s deployment using Compass.

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      nameCompass4nfv Euphrates Hands on.pptx
    • Containerized Compass
    • Containerized Compass for K8S Integration
  • Stress testing: Definitions and scope
  • ODL container orchestration engine integration upstreaming to OPNFV
    • Microservices architecture and VNFs, Kuryr, ODL. Discussed JOID scenario as an intersection point.
  • Docs
    • Good discussion on the Docs project and how we can improve things. More contributors and contributions required. User group in Japan can help with Japanese. Improve documentation builds. Projects can have per project documentation feedback. Discussed how to improve the landing page to better serve information to people in terms of improved community. Also discussed tools and best practices across LF projects.
  • Daisy Planning -- Discussed Fraser release and DPDK scenario support. Discussed K8s support for next release. Plan to separate K8s scenarios, with or without OpenStack. Also separate K8s Yardstick test cases with and without DPDK.
  • Advantech POD is up & running. Storperf running so far so good, still running overnight. Eddy running Functest. Stephen running Dovetail.
  • Apex running on Lenovo. Tomorrow testing.
  • Nokia POD onsite: Creating VPN connectivity to the POD and start VNF deployment tomorrow. Finland POD, starting OPNFV deployment.
  • CENGN POD: XCI testing.