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  • Narinder Canonical - K8s on OPNFV, JOID, basic deployment

  • Cristina ENEA - ARM version of Fuel which is similar to x86. ENEA remote lab available. Will test with Storperf.  Goal to increase ARM awareness.

  • Juha Nokia AirFrame OpenRack POD is onsite. VNF onboarding will be done together with Sytech and RadiSys. Also remote access available to Nokia Finland POD, which will be used for OPNFV deployment with Fuel. Tomi is having Telco Host Scheduled Maintenance presentation & live demo using remote Nokia OPNFV Espoo lab

  • Fu Qiao China Mobile – presentation upcoming on their experience with open source deployment tools and future plans; Compass/Daisy on HA test cases.

  • Anand Gorti Lenovo – 3 PODs remote. 1 standard, 2 OCP hardware. GP for Apex, other two for Wind River and Canonical. Mix of different NIC types.

  • Steven Cablelabs – SnapsOO, OO wrapper around OpenStack APIs. New additions to SnapsOO, enhanced Heat, Cinder, Magnum support. Randy is going to come later. Will talk about Snaps infra platform that they want to contribute to OPNFV/XCI.

  • Ryota NEC – Doctor, 2 sessions -- maintenance use case | NEC, 5 servers in Tokyo remote POD available with 2 switches. Will do some testing with ODL, L2GW etc.

  • Dave CENG Urschatz CENGN – 2 Remote PODs available; will work with XCI PDF/IDF, really interested in deploying virtual OpenStack POD. Like the ability to use XCI to deploy as a teaching tool. Might try Sample VNFs on CENGN PODs.

  • Julian ZTE – Benchmarking-as-a-service, Daisy in Euphrates, roadmap. ZTE remote POD available.

  • David Orange – Show what they are doing with XCI, bare metal and ONAP. Demo/slides on how they do this.  

  • Shreya et. al. Spirent – demo session with Intel, noisy neighbor. POD12 has Spirent load generation. Spirent + cache/mem bandwidth optimization + stress testing.

  • Dave McBride LF – Release automation, discussion about break up release process to account for projects that want to release on a different cadence. Flexible release cadence. Release criteria. Docker infra and build.

  • John Healy Intel

    • Key themes – container & networking, compliance verification, network service and function testing. CVP hugely important for buying decisions.

    • Kubernetes – Multiple networks, EPA (DPDK, SR-IOV, CPU core pinning, dynamic huge page), Collectd, Node feature discovery (available on Intel github)

    • K8s Experience kits – Reference architecture (everything), EPA, K8s networking (Multus), telemetry (collectd)

    • Compliance testing – select solutions, optimized verified solutions, balanced h/w + s/w. Great basis for compliance testing.

    • NFVI fast track – Intel select solution (h/w) + select solution for software (drivers, fw, bios), virtual networking, OS, KVM/QEMU

    • Partner with Yardstick – lot more work to be done here. Framework for tests + sample VNFs. Purchasing person knows that there is a known good standard to buy VNFs.

    • Network builders – 260+ members. Training 6000+ developers trained through Network Builders University. Thursday office hours.


  • NEC - Ryota - Ran Functest healthcheck on Apex/NEC POD. More tomorrow.
  • CENG CENGN - Dave Urschatz - Fatih and Dave ran into an Ironic upstream bug around XCIin OpenStack "Queens" using XCI.  This is an example of how XCI catches issues well ahead of OPNFV Projects that would have hit them later.