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Budget ItemsDescriptionNotes
IT Infrastructure as a ServiceInfrastructure (servers, networking, racks, hosting), network bandwidth, storage, firewall, backups, sys admin/release engr. staff, etc.No changes in 2018
Technical Community ProgramsExpenses for local meet-ups, OPNFV Ambassadors, etc. 
On-going code licensing auditsIn-bound code/release scanning for license compliance 
Developer awardsFor annual/release awards 
Technical community analyticsOPNFV developer dashboard from Bitergia2018 subscription already paid for
Training materials  
Internship program  
Events travel assistanceTravel assistance for interns and others (e.g. key people from industry/upstream communities) to events 
Plugfests  2 Plugfests/Co-located Hackfests 
Hackfest2-3 Hackfests per year
Participation in a "LFN summit"Marketing summit for LFN with OPNFV participation
Participation in a "Design Summit" Technical summit for LFN with OPNFV participationThis is N/A in 2018