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ProjectPTLKey FeaturesKey BenefitsAdditional Links
What is new in your project for Fraser as compared to Euphrates?How will these enhancements / features / bug fixes help users?Are there any additional links / videos / presentation?
DPACCLingli Deng

ArmBandBob Monkman

Will be added by April 3rd
Daisy4NFVZhijiang Hu
  • OpenStack Pike support
  • Support 3 Nodes ODL cluster
  • New ovs_dpdk scenario with both external and VxLAN tunnel network accelerated
  • Integrates with Docker and YardStick
  • Support Ceilometer+Gnocchi+Aodh

User now can try containerized ODL cluster and containerized OVS+DPDK solution.
Parserxiaodong shang
  • Support arm environment;
  • Publish nfv-toscaparser for ONAP community
ONAP use nfv-toscaparser as service template parser

IPv6Bin Hu
  • OpenStack Pike
  • ODL Nitrogen
  • IPv6 Router support in ODL Nitrogen for external routing (North-South)
  • Exploration of IPv6 in container networking (e.g. simple topology and solution for IPv6 with Docker)
  • More efficient routing
  • More efficient packet processing
  • Direct data flows
  • Simplified network configuration
  • Enhanced security
  • Evolving IPv6 towards containerized infrastructure

ModelsAimee Ukasick

FunctestJose Lausuch

  • Vitrage support for local installer.
  • Support for MCP and Daisy installers.
  • Maintenance test case work started.
User now can try Vitrage, pickup their favorite installer or seek into how infrastructure maintenance for NFV can be done.Infrastructure Maintenance & Upgrade: Zero VNF Downtime with OPNFV Doctor on OCP Hardware
VESAimee Ukasick

Compass4NFVJustin chi
  • OpenStack Pike support
  • K8s 1.9/1.74 support
  • New scenarios: 
    1. odl-sfc
    2. Barometer
    3. stor4nfv
    4. k8s-multus
    5. k8s-sriov-cni

Users can not only deploy OpenStack, but also try K8s on X86/ARM via Compass.

Users can start sfc via opendaylight, barometer, open-sds and K8s enhanced network features from Fraser.

High AvailabilityQiao Fu

Need follow-up
YardstickRoss Brattain
  1. k8s based test cases tc080 and tc081
  2. more HA test cases from HA projects
  3. plugin-based test cases support heat context
  4.  support existing network
  5.  unit test and gating
  6.  gui improvement about passing parameters
  1. ping between containers base on k8s
  2. support plugin test cases via python projects
  3. support using existing network in the SUT via heat
  4. user can pass config the test case via parameters

StorPerfMark Beierl


Need follow-up
VSPerfSridhar Rao

BarometerAaron Smith
  • Collectd reference container
  • Added ansible scripts for configuration and deployment
  • Added collectd 5.8 new plugins and updates (DPDK stats/events, mcelog, Intel RDT, Hugepages, IPMI, OVS stats/events, SNMP agent, virt, INtel PMU)
  • Collectd is now easier to deploy and configure in OPNFV
  • New platform metrics are available
Barometer: Taking the pressure off of assurance and resource contention scenarios for NFVI
RelengFatih Degirmenci

JOIDNarinder Gupta

SFCManuel Buil

OrchestraGiuseppe Carella

BottlenecksYang (Gabriel) Yu

Need follow-up

Will be added by April 3rd
OPNFVDOCSofia Wallin

ApexTim Rozet

OVNOStuart Mackie


Need follow-up
FDSFrank Brockners

SampleVNFDeepak S


Xuan Jia

Calipso (formerly Vina)Koren Lev

BambooDonald Hunter

OVN4NFVTrinath Somanchi
  • Improved Scenario Documentation.
  • Scenario Support with JOID, APEX and FUEL installers.

Help users to implement Service Function chaning and Mixed environment support with OVN.
NFVBenchAlec Hothan
  • support benchmarking for non-Openstack based systems
  • more stable release
  • better support for multi-chaining
  • better support for SRIOV PVVP with vswitch between VM
  • support fluentd based logging
  • newer version of TRex
  • newer version of testpmd DPDK
  • over 30 Jira tickets addressed in this release
  • tested on more platforms

Stor4NFVShane Wang

AutoTina TsouFirst stage of integration of ONAP with OPNFV.It makes more realistic how the service provider will manage VNFs. Validate ONAP in OPNFV architecture.

Auto Use Cases

Auto Documentation

SNAPS-OOSteven Pisarski

CloverStephen Wong

Need follow-up