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  • OpenStack
    • Cooperate with OpenStack community especially the edge computing WG to verify and explore more on remote management like multi-region, cell and so on.  Cooperate with Cyborg project to help the acceleration in edge cloud.
  • ONAP
    • Cooperate with ONAP to realize the orchestration of edge scenarios and global orchestration.
  • Akraino
    • Cooperate with Akraino with edge cloud reference platform. Output platform design and integrated scenarios to Akraino and reduce vendor-lock in for edge cloud.

Committers and Contributors:


fuqiao <>  Requirement and architecture design for edge cloud
Beth Cohen -- Requirements and architectures for federated Edge Cloud - Requirements and architecture for edge cloud
Julien <> - Architect of NFV
Jingbo Hao <> Requirements for edge cloud
Gergely Csatari <> Reguirements and architecture
Ildiko Vancsa <> architecture and cross-community liaison
Trevor Cooper <> architecture and Akraino liason
Cristina Pauna <> Scenario definition and implementation
Xiaohua Zhang <> Requirement and architecture
Deepak S <> - edge workload analysis 
Qihui Zhao<> -- Requirement and architecture
Yamei Fan<> architecture


Syed Moneeb Javed <>
Pasi Vaananen <> requirements & architecture
Kin-Yip Liu <>
Paul-Andre Raymond <>

Planned deliverables (Outputs):