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The release process should meet the requirements of the different stakeholders:

  •  It should be possible to uniquely identify the installed version
  • Every installation of the OPNFV stack should produce the same end result
  • The maturity of each installed version can vary, but it should be clear for the user how well tested the installed version is


One variant to the current system that has been discussed in the beginning of OPNFV is the right cadence for releases, such as


A concrete proposal on how the release process could look in the future is described in

However, there are still several open questions. The proposal is to set up a working group to define the release process

Next steps

Cloud native VNFs will need to extend CI to CD, some projects (e.g. Clover) are already working these aspects. We should start to think in this direction for the whole OPNFV process to include CD.
Any new resource requirements?