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      • Create a "world map of cloud native in OPNFV" (short presentation) - document cloud-native related OPNFV projects and efforts, their current status as well as plans.
        Outline how these projects fit into the larger cloud-native ecosystem / articulate relationships to other projects (e.g. CNCF) / identify opportunities for future work. 
    • Establish a cloud native CD toolchain and process
    • Drive commonalities among OPNFV k8s scenarios. Produce common Kubernetes scenarios (e.g. two) with long-live community environment
    • Work with projects (initially select a few) to help them
      • produce cloud native artifacts
      • adopt cloud native tools and practices
      • adapt/expand to support cloud native environments
    • Ensure new projects include cloud native where appropriate
    • Establish robust connection and engagement with upstream CNCF, ONAP/LFN, edge and other communities
    • Support multi-clouds based on k8s: e.g. ONAP, edge, public clouds
    • Drive longer term efforts: e.g. common API, service mesh, ‘middle-box’ data path, acceleration, edge support, etc.

    • Produce user oriented and developer oriented training material