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TopicsTime budget (Max 2 hours)ParticipantsSession Type (e.g. discussion, hacking, office hour, presentation, etc.)NotesHW resource plan/requirement
Best Practices/Use cases
Hardware Acceleration1hrpresentation

Telco view on acceleration and requirements of VNFs.

  • SR-IOV vs. VirtIO
  • FPGA vs. GPU
  • NFV acceleration
  • What VNFs need
  • OVS offload
  • Look-aside & in-line
  • etc.

  • Collaborate with other teams
  • Present ONAP on Arm
Edge cloud: requirement and architecture design for China Mobile1hrpresentation This presentation will introduce the edge cloud requirement, architecture design, deployment plan and issues we still have within China Mobile. I will also explain how open source communities can help end users in this effort. 

Release Automation1hrpresentation (15m), discussionDiscuss release automation status and collection requirements/plan work for Gambia release.

OPNFV Verified Program/Dovetail1 houroffice hour: high level presentation (30min) + Q/A and discussion (30min)
  • High level overview of OVP and Dovetail
  • Goals, roadmap, test scope, and progress towards second release of OVP
  • Update on Dovetail testing track at ETSI plugtest (running Dovetail against participating VIM/NFVI platforms)

Evaluation of Benchmark Repeatability , aided by new methods.1 hour at start of Plugfest, plus many status breakout sessions, and 1 hour near end to sum-upDiscussion, Hacking, Testing, Results review

The purpose of this testing is to evaluate result repeatability across two dimensions, Testers and Pods. Also, a comparison of results with existing methods and new methods would be valuable to TST009 development.

Can IDF and PDF help to explain the differences in results?

Probably one or more remote Pods.
Monitoring System Behaviors under Long Duration TestingWe can have a 2 hours session to introduce and start the test, then show/discuss the monitoring board and system behavior during several daysDiscussion, Hacking, Testing, Results reviewSince we have long duration test POD ready and several test cases are also developed, we need to see/share the results and discuss about the gaps of SUTs, tests and monitoring, to make the whole pack of LDT suite be more mature.Nokia Pharos POD
NFVi and VNF characterization using Yardstick/NSB2hrs

Presentation, Discussion, Demo

Tutorial on Yardstick/NSB: 

  • How to set up NSB
  • How to create test cases in NSB
  • NFVi Network Characterization, using PROX and Sample VNF
  • VNF characterization

Minimum test requirements for CD release process gating2 hrsDiscussionDevelop a proposal for minimum test requirements for CD release process gating.
Cloud Native

Project team hacking/discussions
edge cloud project hacking1h


progress updates

opnfvdocs2 hrsSofia Wallindocs hacking, discussions, G release planning and scope

Yardstick2 hrsFeedback, discussions and G release planning

DP Benchmarking with TRex2 hrs (will need several meetings)discussion

Review and compare how various DP benchmarking tools based on TRex are using the TRex API to perform their DP benchmarking:

  • api used
  • frame formatting and flows configuration
  • packet paths supported
  • latency streams
  • NDR/PDR algorithm
  • results reporting

This will be first step towards a more standardized way to do NFV DP benchmarking across tools with results that can be compared.

Note that the findings from these discussions will also be applicable to other traffic generators.

OPNFV Projects that are using TRex:

VSPERF, Yardstick, NFVbench,

External projects using Trex:

redhat tool (name to be provided by redhat), CSIT

DP testing with Bottleneck1hdiscussion/hackingReview how NFVbench can be integrated into Bottleneck and how to combine with other tools to generate mixed workload (data plane/control plane/storage plane)
XCI1hDiscussion, hacking

Other/Wild Card topics (e.g. community, new project proposal, etc.)
OPNFV release process2 hrsdiscussion

Fraser release process retrospective2 hrsDavid McBridepresentation and discussion

OPNFV Hands-on program1hdiscussionKick off discussion of OPNFV hands-on program. Quick start and lecture documents of OPNFV are very useful while getting new developers on boarded to OPNFV work in community and even on their own as an OPNFV user. Such things can be used in a tutorial session in various events, especially workshop events in local user groups. We'll share materials which were used in OPNFV Hands-on event in Tokyo first, then discuss better way to have such program in community wide.
Workgroup report outs1h
presentation/discussionFor Edge & OVP