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H release planning page:

Hunter Release Plan for Yardstick

Summary of Goals

The target of Hunter for Yardstick would be more DevOps featured for the developers and more usability for the users. 

Yardstick in Hunter would like to support CD release mode, which requires to set up a new CD pipeline with several level of test/verify steps. New NSB test cases would be included, and more performnace test cases towards K8s would be considered. Also Yardstick try to shrink the docker image size in Hunter release.

Uncommon Dependencies

  • CD release requires a bare-metal hardware to be as production environment.

Detailed Requirements and Tasks

jqlQueryproject=yardstick and fixversion=8.0.0

New test cases

  • Test cases for Agnostic VNF - Extending it to support multiple VNF's
  • vBNG testing in NSB - Test cases for vBNG benchmarking
  • IPsec testing in NSB: Test cases for IPsec benchmarking
  • vIMS testing in NSB: Test cases for vIMS benchmarking
  • SD-WAN testing in NSB: Test cases for SD-WAN benchmarking
  • vCMTS testing in NSB: Test cases for vCMTS benchmarking
  • More Kubernetes performance test cases


  • OpenStack Rocky Support
    • improve pip package dependancy on Openstack
  • Extending Agnostic VNF feature for re-using test cases across multiple VNF's 
  • Extending Ixia traffic gen to send PPPoE traffic for BNG testing and retrieving relevant metrics 
  • Barometer Support in yardstick to collect NFVi metrics 
  • HTML Report  (
  • shrink Yardstick docker size
    • split web gui part outside of Yardstick docker
    • base image of Yardstick can be replace with a light os, e.g. alpline
  • test cases renaming (


  • Yardstick Web GUI user guide
  • New test case description documentation


CD release requires to set up a new CD pipeline, it also depends on the hardware.