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OPNFV Meetings

The OPNFV projects hold their various public meetings on IRC, in the #opnfv-meeting channel on Freenode, or in a channel specific to the project as noted on the project wiki page. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Connect to IRC via webclient. IRC meeting log and minutes are available from LF's IRC log server. (Tips on creating meeting minutes with MeetBot)

Some projects use Zoom for audio conference and desktop sharing. There are two Zoom accounts for technical community meetings and you can find call logistics for the two accounts at Zoom Meeting info

See this meetbot page for commands to use with IRC during your meeting.
NOTE: This page is:

Please make sure there is a page for your meeting located under the /meetings folder of the wiki. See the example1 meeting below.

Example1 meeting

  • Weekly on Saturday at 1600 UTC
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-meeting
  • Chaired by IRC-Handle (First Last)
  • See Meetings/Example1 for agenda and details <-- Meetings/Example1 not Example1/Meetings

Team Calendars

New Weekly Meeting Schedule Format

Copy and paste and edit this text for your meeting. Please arrange your meetings in time order from Monday to Friday with UTC as the reference. This will allow viewers to quickly find the local time and needed info for their meeting.

Children Display

Background Info

We are switching to the text format above for meeting tracking.

This is similar to what is being done with the OpenStack Meetings page and will align us with team members working in both communities.

As another reference point here is the OpenDaylight Meeting Page also in text (not table) format.