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  • OPNFV Meetings

The OPNFV projects hold their various public meetings on IRC, in the #opnfv-meeting channel on Freenode, or in a channel specific to the project as noted on the project wiki page. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Connect to IRC via webclient. IRC meeting log and minutes are available from LF's IRC log server. (Tips on creating meeting minutes with MeetBot)

Some projects use GoToMeeting for audio conference and desktop sharing. You can join by accessing<Meeting ID> or dialing the number listed below then enter <Meeting ID> that can be found in URL pointed in each meeting info.

  • Canada: +1 (647) 497-9351
  • France: +33 (0) 182 880 459
  • United Kingdom: +44 (0) 330 221 0086
  • Australia: +61 2 8355 1024
  • Netherlands: +31 (0) 208 080 381
  • New Zealand: +64 (0) 4 974 7214
  • Denmark: +45 (0) 69 91 88 64
  • Italy: +39 0 553 98 95 67
  • United States: +1 (215) 383-1010
  • Austria: +43 (0) 7 2088 1403
  • Belgium: +32 (0) 38 08 1856
  • Sweden: +46 (0) 852 503 499
  • Germany: +49 (0) 692 5736 7210
  • Switzerland: +41 (0) 435 0167 09
  • Finland: +358 (0) 942 41 5780
  • Spain: +34 955 32 0845
  • Ireland: +353 (0) 14 845 978
  • Norway: +47 21 03 58 98
  • Israel (Toll-free): 1 809 453 019

Some guidance on how to create a meeting can be found here: Create a meeting
You can also access the iCal feed for all OpenStack meetings.

See this meetbot page for commands to use with IRC during your meeting.
NOTE: This page is:

Please make sure there is a page for your meeting located under the /meetings folder of the wiki. See the example1 meeting below.

Example1 meeting

  • Weekly on Saturday at 1600 UTC
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-meeting
  • Chaired by IRC-Handle (First Last)
  • See Meetings/Example1 for agenda and details <-- Meetings/Example1 not Example1/Meetings

Please ignore the banner that says there are too many meetings to display.  That just means that if you keep going forward into the future, eventually, this calendar widget will stop displaying future events as none of the meetings have a scheduled end date.

Team Calendars

New Weekly Meeting Schedule Format

Copy and paste and edit this text for your meeting. Please arrange your meetings in time order from Monday to Friday with UTC as the reference. This will allow viewers to quickly find the local time and needed info for their meeting.


Table of Contents

OpenvSwitch for NFV - Team Meetings

  • Weekly conference call on Monday at 15h00 (Dublin/Ireland)
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-ovsnfv
  • Chaired by Mark Gray
  • See here for more details

Octopus(CI) Project Team Meeting

Releng Project Team Meeting

  • Weekly on Monday at 1400 UTC
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-meeting
  • Chaired by fdegir (Fatih Degirmenci)
  • See meetings/releng for agenda, details and previous meeting minutes

Promise Project Team Meeting

  • Weekly on Thursday at (summer time)
    • even weeks: Thursday 09-10 UTC (fixed at 9am PT)
    • odd weeks: Thursday 16-17 UTC (fixed at 2am PT)
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-promise
  • Chaired by Peter Lee and Gerald Kunzmann
  • GoToMeeting:
  • See meetings/promise for agenda, details and previous meeting minutes

FastDataStacks Project Team Meeting

  • Weekly on Monday at 07:30 PDT - 8am PDT
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-fds
  • Chaired by frankbrockners (Frank Brockners)
  • Webex (no GTM channel available)
  • See FastDataStacks for agenda, details and previous meeting minutes

Genesis Project Team Meeting

SDN VPN project team meeting

RS Project Team Meeting

Doctor Project Team Meeting

Software Fastpath Service Quality Metrics (SFQM) Project Team Meeting

  • See SFQM for more details on meeting minutes
  • Part of the Doctor meeting

Functest - Team Meeting

  • Weekly on Tuesday from 08:00 UTC (10:00 CEST) to 09:00 (UTC)
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-testperf
  • Chaired by Morgan Richomme / Jose Lausuch
  • IRC meeting
  • See meeting/functest for agenda, details and previous meeting minutes

Technical Steering Committee TSC Meeting

Colorado Release Planning Meeting

NetReady Team Meeting

  • Weekly on Tuesday at 1600-1700 UTC
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-netready
  • Chaired by Georg Kunz
  • See NetReady meetings for agenda and details

Movie Project Team Meeting

High availability (HA) Project Team Meeting

Security (SEC) Group Team Meeting

Service Function Chaining (SFC) Project Team Meeting

eNFV Team Meeting

Data Plane Acceleration (dpacc) Project Team Meeting

Bottlenecks Project Team Meeting

Copper Project Team Meeting

Characterize vSwitch Performance for Telco NFV Use Cases (VSPERF) Project Team Meeting

Models Project Team Meeting

Infra Working Group Meeting

JOID - Juju OPNFV Infrastructure Deployer - Team Meeting

VNFFG Project Team Meeting

ONOSFW Project Team Meeting

Multisite Project Team Meeting

Escalator Project Team Meeting

Weekly Technical Community Discussion

Test and Performance Sub-Group Meetings

  • Weekly on Thursday at 1500 UTC (7am PST) & Bi-Weekly on Wedsneday at 8:30 AM UTC
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-meeting (#opnfv-testperf is used for day-to-day communication)
  • Chaired by trevor_intel / (Trevor Cooper)
  • Thursday GTMWednesday GTM
  • See meetings/test for agenda, details and previous meeting minutes.

Yardstick - Team Meetings

Test and Performance Operational Meetings

  • Weekly on Friday at 1300 UTC
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-testperf
  • Chaired by: Morgan Richomme / Ana Cunha / Trevor Cooper

Qtip - Team Meetings

Connectivity Services LSO Project Team Meeting

NFV Hypervisors-KVM meeting

CPerf Meeting

ARMBand Project Team Meeting

StorPerf Team Meeting

  • Every second Wednesday at 1500 UTC (16:00 CET, 10:00 EST, 07:00 PST). This will change to 1400 UTC (16:00 CEST, 10:00 EDT, 07:00 PDT) when the time changes in North America
  • IRC channel: #opnfv-meeting
  • Chaired by mbeierl (Mark Beierl)
  • See meetings/StorPerf for agenda, details and previous meeting minutes

IPv6 Project Team Meeting

Pinpoint Project Team Meeting

Compass4nfv Project Team Meeting

Prediction Project Team Meeting



Domino Project Team Meeting

OPNFVDOCS Team Meeting

Apex Team Meeting

Background Info

We are switching to the text format above for meeting tracking.

This is similar to what is being done with the OpenStack Meetings page and will align us with team members working in both communities.

As another reference point here is the OpenDaylight Meeting Page also in text (not table) format.