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Main benefits of OPNFV deployment using MAAS and Juju:

  • Provisioning Ubuntu 14.04 or other operating system like Centos, Windows on baremetal nodes(or simulator VMs).
  • Juju based installation and configuration of OpenStack. Juju supports any language of user choice, like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, bash, etc.
  • Juju charms for installation and configuration of OpenDayLight Helium. LINK
  • Integration of OpenStack and ODL but not limited to ODL as SDN controller, currently there are Juju charms for ODL, OpenContrail, Project Calico, Nuage Networks SDN, Midonet SDN, Plumgrid SDN, NSX, and more are planned like ONOS framework etcKubernetes deployment and other workloads.

Juju experiment under BGS, documentation: