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Project: Resource Scheduler (RS)


For telecom applications, the resource scheduler needs much more information of network for resource allocation besides CPU and memory data. Upstream project OpenStack is short of functions to monitor and collect information from network for many applications. This project would collect more network information, do resource isolation and make Enhanced Scheduler so that resource allocation could be more efficient.

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Key Project Facts

Project Creation Date: March 10, 2015
Project Category: Requirements
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Mingjiang Li
Project Lead: Mingjiang Li
Jira Project Name: Resource Scheduler
Jira Project Prefix: RS
Mailing list tag [RS]

Committers and Contributors

  • Contributors:
    • Zhipeng Huang (HUAWEI:
    • Kin-Yip Liu (Cavium: <>)
    • Ryota Mibu (NEC: <>)
    • Gerald Kunzmann (DOCOMO: <>)

Project proposal

RS proposal (old version)