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  • Provide a brief description of the change in the first line.
  • Insert a single blank line after the first line.
  • Provide a detailed description of the change in the following lines. Use breaking paragraphs where needed.
  • The first line should be limited to 50 characters; should be written in present tense; and should not end with a period.
  • Subsequent lines should be wrapped at 72 characters.
  • You should provide a JIRA issue link, using this format: JIRA: YARDSTICK-XXX
  • At the end of the commit message, you should include the Change-Id and the Signed-off-by email.


Code Block
Title of the message in present tense
Body of the message, describing the patch. Remember: less is not
more; more is more.
Change-Id: Iccd000000000000000000000000000000000001
Signed-off-by: Name Surname <>

Commit message content

The commit message must contain all the information required to fully understand & review the patch for correctness. Less is not more. More is more.