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NFVbench is a data plane performance benchmarking tool designed to operate on full stack NFVi platforms as a black box. It is agnostic of the OpenStack installer, distribution and virtual switch.

It currently supports VLAN and VxLAN overlays.

Summary of Goals

The Iruya release will bring in:

  • Python 3 support
  • Newer version of TRex
  • Many enhancementnew features, feature enhancements, bug fixes and stability improvements including:
    • VxLAN latency support
    • Support for High Dynamic Range histograms for latency reporting
    • Neutron L3 router ion in the packet path support
    • MPLS support (tech preview)

Uncommon Dependencies

NFVbench requires DPDK compliant NIC on the jump hosts of every pod along with the appropriate wiring to the corresponding top of rack switch. This is necessary to inject traffic to the pod data plane