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  • CIRV lab space
    • Goal: support as much configuration diversity as possible 
    • Open questions still remain from LaaS
      • ie. 2 parallel instances running?
      • Jump host as VM?
      • 2 of each B, C, N
    • Have the ToR to support 25Gbps - need NICs and transceivers
    • Also need a test driver system in addition to the RI instance 
      • Baseline NFVI functional testing 
      • VNF testing - on-board/instantiate/communicate with VNF – NOT Functional or performance testing
    • Next steps:
      • Define storage per server that would cover compute and controller
        • Got agreement that controllers/compute nodes are identical
      • Can jump server be virtualized?
        • Yes - this is a suggested configuration
      • Lincoln Lavoie  to draft an email to tech-discuss on proposed changes to section4 of the RI (lab requirements)
        • Roadmap and first instance 
  • Future meetings discussed
    • Jack Morgan Proposing an afternoon meeting to get more Asia engagement



Discussion items

5 minAgenda BashingJack Morgan
  • discuss agenda items for meeting
10 minPharos Specification
  • discuss changes to incorporate for the Iruya release
10 minCNNT-RI/CIRV lab spaceParker Berberian
10 minPOD Descriptor file (PDF)Jack Morgan
20 minINFRA wiki space clean up
  • organize content, archiving any as needed, identify what needs to be prioritized moving forward.
20 minDiscussion TopicsJack Morgan
  • OPNFV representative for the TAC Infra Work Group - need to choose someone (mostly likely candidates are OPNFV Infra WG leads)
  • Adopting TAC Infra Work Group recommendations for CI/CD per the comparison - need a champion to define strategy and implementation
  • Additional meeting that is Asia time zone friendly - every other week in event (PST)
  • Migrating Jenkins jobs from Pharos-tools to LaaS git repository
  • add_me