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  • The POD Descriptor file might needed to be reviewed to see any changes are needed to include any updates to the Pharos Specification
    • If PDF is updated, then it should be versioned to document updates and schema changes to validate then current PDF might need to be updates
  • PDF support will needed to be added to Airship (or any other installer) so they are able to use them
  • PDF will need created for Intel POD 11 & 15 (PDF reside in the Pharos.git repository
  • Additional enhancements might be needed to the Jerma or Kali releases
  • Link to PDF specification <insert URL here>

Lab space - Iruya release

  • lab space will need to be identified that fulfills the hardware requirements from CNTT
    • Jim Baker is working on securing lab space - UNH-IOL appears to be the most likely lab to accommodate them
  • Looking at how OPNFV Labs evolve will be a topic for Jerma or Kali releases particularly if they support/participate with LaaS