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titleWelcome to your software project space!

This is home base for your software project in Confluence. It's where you can plan your project, keep important documentation, and discuss it all with your team.

Next, you might want to:

  •  Customize the home page- ClickEditto make changes to this page
  •  Create more pages- HitCreatein the header to add requirements, meeting notes, decision pages, and more
  •  Link to Jira issues- Pastethe URL of an issue or filter into the page to see issue status and other useful info
  •  Set permissions- ClickSpace toolsat the bottom of the sidebar to choose who can access this space


You can edit this roadmap or create a new one by adding the Roadmap Planner macro from the Insert menu. Link your Confluences pages to each bar to add visibility, and find more tips by reading the Atlassian blog:  Plan better with the Roadmap Planner macro


About this project

Summarise your software project and what your team will do in this space. Add links to key resources for your project and team.

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Harvey Honner

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Alana Baczewski

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Mia Bednarczyk


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The CNTT (Common NFVI Telecom Taskforce) launched officially in June. Its mission is to define a common NFV Infrastructure to simplify the development and deployment of virtualized networking application for the telecom industry. The group held its first community wide F2F meeting with around 80 vendor and operator attendees, with the objective of gathering requirements for the contents of the Release 2 document. CNTT develops Reference Models and Reference Architectures. This is a wiki space for using those outputs to create Reference Implementations and Reference Certifications.