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Meeting Minutes

  • Discussed DDF Schedule for a few topics (PDF, LaaS) including who will attend the event
  • CNTT RI Lab Infrastructure
    • Lincoln mentioned he was able to make progress with CNTT folks on defining hardware requirements and proposed changes in Github
    • OPNFV will be looking to have CNTT infrastructure related requirements integrate within OPNFV post CNTT release in January
  • Infra WG meeting
    • discussed what we would like to achieve from the Infra WG meeting
    • out brainstorming discussing included
      • covering infrastructure related topics within OPNFV especially when there is not a clear owner
      • working with OPNFV feature projects around infrastructure topics as a way to "up level reporting" on status / progress
      • release planning and coordination within Infra WG projects



5 minAgenda BashingJack Morgan
  • discuss agenda items for meeting
15 min

CNTT RI Lab Infrastructure

15 minDescriptor file work in CNTTJack Morgan
  • follow up discussion LLD effort and impact on OPNFV
10 min

Iruya Release Plans

  • discuss Iruya release plans for Releng, LaaS and Pharos
15 min45 minDiscussion TopicsJack Morgan
  • OPNFV representative for the TAC Infra Work Group - need to choose someone (mostly likely candidates are OPNFV Infra WG leads)
  • Adopting TAC Infra Work Group recommendations for CI/CD per the comparison - need a champion to define strategy and implementation
  • INFRA wiki space clean up - organize content, archiving any as needed, identify what needs to be prioritized moving discussion

Action items