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  • Team welcomed James Guwho recently joined the project, and already made contributions.
    • James Gu is also a Member of Technical Committee of upstream Airship project, who brings lots of experience to our project.
  • Team reviewed the original scope of Airship Iruya Release Planning.
  • Team agreed that based on the original scope, all tasks have been completed, and we are ready to go except a couple of bugs that need fix.
  • The target is to close everything today, and tag stable/iruya repo on Friday Dec 20, if possible
  • Documentation:
    • All Iruya related documentation are completed.
    • AIRSHIP-22 (SR-IOV) and AIRSHIP-23 (OVS-DPDK) are stretch for Iruya, and extends to Jerma.
  • Bugs:
  • Prepare for Project Review in TSC:
    • Bin shared this information, and a draft of review wiki page. It is quite straightforward.
    • James Gu will drive the review, including scheduling and presentation
  • All other issues are either related to Jerma (AIRSHIP-14) or for CNTT tracking purpose. Those are not for Iruya release.
  • All agreed to cancel the meeting on January 2, 2020 to observe holidays. Next meeting will be January 16, 2020.