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Project: Models (Model-Driven NFV)

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This project will address various goals for promoting availability and convergence of information and/or data models related to NFV service/VNF management, as being defined in standards (SDOs) and as developed in open source projects.

The Models doc source, code, and tests are available at:

What's happening in the Models project right now, and how can I get involved?

Most current work is focused on the development of use case tests (blueprints for demo and reference VNFs) and supporting test framework (e.g. VNFM install scripts). If you have an interest in any one of the VNFMs Tacker, Cloudify, OpenBaton, JuJu, (or others) you are welcome to help develop test support and use cases tests focused on those VNFMs.

  • A related opportunity is the Comparison of how various open source projects define/implement service/VNF packages and package elements e.g. the various descriptors (also referred to as blueprints or templates). The Comparison page includes tables that are intended to help assess the degree of convergence across these projects, and guide the development of use case tests that confirm the analysis results. Such tests will include service/VNF models that include the packaging approach and descriptor data (e.g. node types, relationships, and other attributes) which are in common across several VNFM/NFVO projects.

NOTE: the following activities are being upstreamed to ONAP. Related tests may be developed in OPNFV in future releases.

  • Fleshing out end-to-end lifecycle for services and VNFs, with focus on how models for those services/VNFs are created, onboarded, and deployed, in collaboration with other projects thru the mano e.g. as shown on the page VNF Onboarding.
  • Development of higher-level abstractions for how services and infrastructure is modeled through Information Models. Providing implementation/interoperability feedback to where the work is being driven (e.g. ONF, BBF, MEF, OASIS, TM Forum, ETSI, ...) remains a Models project goal.

If you have an interest in the areas of work above you can get engaged by:

  • reaching out to the Models project team thru the mail list. Preface your subject with [Models] so the Models team will be sure to see your mail. Describe what your interest is, what type of focus/skills you can bring to the team. We will add your suggestions to the agenda for future calls or other meetings.
  • create JIRA issues for the Models project in JIRA, describing what you would like to see the Models project work on. You can create (per agile terminology, roughly) "epics" (overall description of what is needed), "stories" related to an epic (particular use cases that help us drive toward the overall goal), "bugs" (something that is missing or broken and needs to be worked on), or "tasks" (something specific you propose that be worked on in the project).
  • attending our weekly calls


Related wiki pages:

  • Project Planning
  • Main work items
    • collaboration via agile communication with SDOs, other open source projects, and other OPNFV projects
      • e.g. via JIRA, so that OPNFV and SDOs can set goals, share progress on various model-related issues, and provide feedback on implementation/test experience
      • work with various OPNFV projects (e.g. Movie, Parser, Promise, Copper, SFC, etc) to coordinate on models proposed for testing, and to feedback results to the SDOs
    • references to
      • standard models that can be roadmapped for analysis and verification thru use case testing on the OPNFV platform
      • other source information that will help us align on modeling concepts, e.g. from standards, open source projects, websites, ...
    • comparison of approaches to defining/processing Service/VNF packages, descriptors, and descriptor features
    • tools for model analysis, development, deployment, ...
      • leverage/develop tools and processes for comparative analysis of standardized models and defacto models derived from open source documentation or code, and promote actions for key issues arising from the analysis
    • Testing for usecases, with the goal to include the tests in OPNFV CI/CD thru FuncTest
    • events focused on tests/demos or in general publicizing work of the project and enhancing collaboration with upstream SDO / open source project members
  • Project scratchpad is at the Models etherpad page
  • Meetings (logistics, agendas, minutes): see the Models project meetings page

Key Project Facts

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SDO Focus

Upstream Focus

Cross-Project Focus

Models Project Focus

Bryan Sullivan, AT&T


OpenStack, ODL, JuJu


model analysis, testing

Dan Druta, AT&T


Tacker, Cloudify

Open-O, Aria

model analysis

Ulas C. Kozat, Huawei


Tacker, Cloudify

Open-O, Aria

model analysis, testing

Marc Flauw, HPE




UML modeling, model analysis

Serge Manning, Sprint





Prakash Ramchandran, Huawei





Gergely Csatari, Nokia




UML modeling, model analysis

Lingli Deng, China Mobile





Link to project proposal:

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