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Project: Edge NFV (eNFV)

Project Description

The NFV movement is largely focused gaining the efficiencies of large data centre compute infrastructure. This is sensible, however to paraphrase the old switching/routing saying … centralize what you can, distribute what you must. Some applications naturally belong at the edge: WAN Acceleration, Content Cacheing, and depending on your philosophy, Firewalling all fall into that category. Other more specialized test applications also need to be at the edge to exercise the portions of the network under test. Similarly many business applications are most efficiently delivered at the edge.

The purpose of this Requirements Project is to articulate the capabilities and behaviours needed in Edge NFV platforms, and how they interact with NFVI and MANO components of NFV solutions.

  • Appropriate Tunneling for User Traffic across WAN (Ethernet, IP/MPLS) links
  • Appropriate Tunneling for Management Traffic across WAN links, including reachability requirements to the compute platform
  • Extending Multi-DC management to address many small "DC" locations
  • Monitoring Capabilities required for a remote Compute Node
  • Squaring Bare Metal with remote survivability and whether IaaS is more appropriate for remote locations
  • Data plane optimization (if eNFV needs to specifically address this, or pick up work from other groups e.g., DPACC)

Use Cases


  • Link to project etherpad:* TBD

Key Project Facts

Project: Edge NFV (eNFV)
Project Creation Date: August 18, 2015 
Project Category: Requirements 
Lifecycle State: Incubation 
Primary Contact: James Buchanan - 
Project Lead: James Buchanan - 
Jira Project Name: Edge NFV 
Mailing list tag: [enfv] 
Jira Project Prefix: (enfv) 
IRC: <channel TBD>



Link to TSC approval of the project: 
Link(s) to approval of additional committers: N/A



Documentation and mindshare necessary to advance to the next stage of the project lifecycle.

Current draft requirements:

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