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Al Morton Cedric Ollivier Qiao Fu Trevor Cooper Frank Brockners Manuel Buil Parker Berberian Jack Morgan (Proxy for Mark B) Sridhar Rao sunku ranganath Sofia Wallin(proxy for Georg)


Non TSC Attendees

Discussion items

5 min



  • Proposal to reduce TSC size proposal open for comment.
  • No other proposals made to change the TSC composition OR election process
OPNFV Internship proposals - Review/approve
  1.  HDV
  2. Log-Analysis and Alerting for OPNFV-VSPERF
  3. SDV
#Agree or #vote: Does TSC approve the project proposals for LFN to sponsor and hire interns to work on this year for: HDV, Log-analysis, and SDV ?  (+1, 0, -1)
TSC Agreed to support the 3 internship projects listed.

OPNFV Mission 2.0:   Work Progress Page       Agreements Capture Page

  • Need to reach closure on OPNFV discussions – meet self-imposed deadlines.
  • Further review (LFN Board) ??
  • Positive reception from TSC members present
  • Trevor Cooper attended SPC  and asks if the TSC wants to continue to engage them.
  • Opened discussion on mission statement to see if non-CNTT projects are included
5minReview Outstanding Action Items below:

Revised Release Process and Messaging -

David presented with minimal time for feedback. Need another TSC meeting time slot to determine next steps.
  • OPNFV Project Reviews 
    • ???  ( no projects scheduled through March! ).
  • Request for other project reviews: Fuel, Dovetail, SampleVNF, releng, yardstick, ovn4nvf, pharos, container4nfv, bottlenecks, clover, rocket, edgecloud, opnfvdocs
We have had no new projects volunteer. The ones listed to are active but have not volunteered for review. Should we compel them to present? Or is this an indication of the project status in 2020?

Quick updates & email updates - discussion only if needed

  • OPNFV's confluence will be down for an upgrade/maintenance tomorrow March 11th at 1am UTC. (March 10th 6PM PDT) Downtime should be less than one hour.

  • Request to take poll if TSC wants CIRV project review update.

TSC JIRA Item Review

TSC-31 PM tasks Open
TSC-46 Plan/Manage OPNFV Plugfests Open
TSC-21 Roll-up of OPNFV sessions at ONS NA Open
TSC-43 Manage TSC meetings Open
TSC-44 Maintain OPNFV events calendar and associated tasks Open