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April 7, 2020


  • Move up from absent as needed.



Non TSC Attendees

Quorum Requirements

15 Seats with 3 members absent: 12 seats so quorum is 7.


  •  Inform the Community that we need to collect April Virtual Meeting topics this week, before the Planning Meeting on Friday  
04 Apr 2020
OPNFV TSC Meeting 2020-03-31
  •  What does OPNFV WANT from the next Release? Set date for discussion next week (Release Meeting time slot) David McBride

David McBrideOPNFV TSC Meeting 2020-03-31


  • Last week's minutes  approved
  • Ad Hoc Elections
    • Nominations closed
    • Scott and Jack have both been nominated and both accept
  • Annual Election Started
    • List of elegible can

Action items

  •  Inform