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NameOrganizationNominated ByNomination Statement
Imagene Ary CandidateSome org (or self)Some person OR selfBrief synopsis of the candidate and specific expertise and skills that would make the nominated person an ideal TSC member.

I would like to once agani nominate Jack Morgan for the Ad Hoc TSC Seat Election. Jack has been active in OPNFV since the Brahmaputra release. He is
currently the Pharos PTL, member of the Infra work Group, and leading the Weekly Technical Discuss meetings. He has previously served as a committer-at-large on the TSC as well as a proxy member for 6 months.

He has demonstrated great leadership through his work with the Pharos labs (a resource than many project teams have made use of for collaboration, testing and demos). Jack’s enthusiasm for OPNFV and experience working with the community labs would be a great addition to the TSC in helping to promote the community and driving further integration and efficiencies between OPNFV and other projects.

Alec HothanCiscoFrank BrocknersI'd like to nominate Alec Hothan. Alec is PTL of the NFVbench project and an active participant in the test working group, including the Xtesting work and related CNTT work.
Alec has been an active participant in plugfests as well as other OPNFV forums (see e.g. his recent update on NFVbench/Xtesting/CNTT at the last virtual F2F meeting).
He has expressed many ideas for harmonizing between test frameworks and evolving OPNFV process.
Alec's expertise and approach will bring a fresh perspective to the TSC and help pave the path for OPNFV 2.0.
sunku ranganathIntelTomi JuvonenI would like to nominate Sunku Ranganath to the TSC. Sunku has been the organizer of closed loop automation working group and been a long standing contributor to the Barometer project. Sunku has provided valuable contributions as a TSC member in 2019 and been a contributor to CIRV & OPNFV 2.0 sub-committee. He has brought in many ideas on all things telemetry and closed loop automation and represented OPNFV projects at various conferences in 2019. He is actively contributing to CNTT chapters and I have full faith that he will continue to be a valuable asset to the OPNFV community.
Frank BrocknersCiscoselfI hope that you know me by now  (smile) - but for the record:
I have been part of the OPNFV TSC since OPNFV’s inception and have helped drive many strategic discussions, critical decisions in the TSC over the years and have been the PTL of several OPNFV projects (BGS, Genesis, FDS). I've also worked with and will continue to be working with several other LFN projects including, ONAP, OpenDaylight,, and PNDA - to help pave OPNFV's path to the future.
Qiao FuChina MobileselfI was engaged in OPNFV ever since it started in 2014, and was a TSC member since 2016. I have been PTLs for several projects and also is currently helping OPNFV 2.0 to figure out the revolution direction.  Inside China Mobile, I am responsible for integration and testing automation for network cloud across the country. And I do think what OPNFV 2.0 is targeting to will help end users as China Mobile to improve the efficiency of building NFV in the comming years. I would like to continue work as a TSC in OPNFV to help this community to continue this transformation and figure out sufficient way to provide meaningful releases to End Users.