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Non TSC Attendees

Discussion items

5 min


10 min

Virtual Event Planning (June 22-25) Note Date Change!!!

We will quickly brainstorm topics.

Continue to brain-storm virtual event formats

2 -day collaboration - 2 day project specific?

10 min

OPNFV Linux Foundation Lab (Portland) hardware upgrade - Proposal yet?

  • LF POD 3 status - Confirmed motherboard failure. Funds available for mitigation, investigate.
  • Meeting minutes from the Infra Work Group
Proposal Discussion - If available!
5 min

What more do we want from Program Management?

Contract PM support for limited time - potential elements:

  • wiki cleanup?
  • calendar/zoom audit and sync

Potential additional ideas:

  • Help create procedures/bridges to other communities (e.g. CNTT)
  • Update/modernize OPNFV webpage
5minApprove: Proposed Project Lifecycle Amendment for Re-activate

Call for TSC Nominations open through Election starts  

2020 Community Election Calendar
1 min

OPNFV 2.0 Actions:   Work Progress Page   Agreements Capture Page

  •  Share any Recent decisions and TSC to review
  • What's next?
1 min

Review OPNFV's overall process to respond to CNTT Requirements

  • Reports of CNTT hearing our message are true! Clarifications ???
 1 min

TSC Review of Staffing Proposal to CNTT plus Field Trial Testing Plan and Staffing

  • CNTT dicussions? other updates??
  • Input from OPNFV New Release Process meeting (virtual event,  ) 
    • Release plans can use template of project work items, duration and skills needed.
    • Negotiate between projects and requirement stakeholders - TSC facilitates
  • Testing is an ongoing process.
  • Dates of Field Trial?
10 min

Reference Infrastructure and Reference Conformance work with CNTT

  • Beyond CNTT's Terms of Reference (Scope)
  • Discuss current status - WHICH IS ????

1 min

CIRV Mandate Review  - See above

Results from further discussions should be Joint with CNTT reps.
5 min

What does OPNFV WANT from the next Release?  

Using Release meeting time slot to discuss the new Release PROCESS - key stakeholders should join.

Capture IMPROVEMENTS to proposed process

1 min

OPNFV Project Reviews

  • none for this week
  • Request for other project reviews:  SampleVNF, releng, yardstick, ovn4nvf, pharos, container4nfv, clover, bottlenecks, rocket, edgecloud

The ones listed are active but have not volunteered for review. 

The listed projects will be targeted for archival/termination if reviews are not complete by end of May 2020. The current list is:

yardstick, ovn4nvf, container4nfv, bottlenecks, clover, rocket, edgecloud


Quick updates & email updates - discussion only if needed

Outstanding Action Items

Task report



Virtual Event Planning

OPNFV Linux Foundation Lab (Portland) hardware upgrade

  • No concrete proposal as quotes are still in progress

What more do we want from Program Management

  • LFN has a contract program manager
  • OPNFV can ask for some time if there are identified activities
  • Frank Brockners and Jim Baker to help identify action items
  • Frank Brockners suggests develop communications between teams, groups.
  • Heather Kirksey is encouraging wiki cleanup as it is a main point of visibility for the community

Approve: Proposed Project Lifecycle Amendment for Re-activate

Cedric Ollivier Reword "Meets BoD policy (IPR)" to "Passes IPR check."

Action items