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Non TSC Attendees

Agenda items

5 min

Meeting Logistics

3 min


  •  Election announcement - 2020 OPNFV TSC Election Nominations
  •  Future Topic: new template for staffing task & requirement evaluation - similar to Intern projects Mark Beierl
  •  Future Topic: Yardstick's future??  HA test cases.  Bottlenecks' Stress test spawns VMs till it breaks in OVP
  •  Future topic: XTesting as a project - graduation or formalisation of it.  We don't want it to be similar to the Test DB where we lost maintainers.
  •  ETSI Plugtest is  .  Do we want to try to run any XTesting/Functest there against any of the VIMs that will be present?

5 min

Virtual Event Planning (June 22-25)

  •  Volunteer for Project reviews at the Round-Robin (~20 min each)
    • looking for projects to participate in this proposal
  •  Registration for the Virtual Event - Registration Link

20 min

OPNFV Release Process

  •  What does OPNFV WANT from the next Release?
  •  Next Steps: finish this discussion at tech discuss on  
    • Continue Using Release meeting time slot to discuss the new Release PROCESS - key stakeholders should join.
    • Capture IMPROVEMENTS to proposed process
    • Release meetings continue  

Need review at least for Marketing messages (possible vote) weeks in advance

Agenda update on Monday - after Weekly Tech Discuss meeting

10 min

OPNFV Project Reviews

  •  Projects:
    • ovn4nvf at future meeting
    • sampleVNF: Status  Development Continues, Need to Update Committer List and elect new PTL

ACTION to schedule ovp4nfv

5 min

What more do we want from Program Management?

10 min

CNTT Engagement  – Current Item

  •  CNTT Future Mode of Operation meetings have begun, with clear decision criteria and data-driven decision-making.
    • Deadline is September, in time to make a recommendation to the GB.
    • Discuss current status - CNTT FMO team is trying to make progress on this by early June. CNTT FMO Meeting Minutes
    • TODAY:  Review 3 options for CNTT's Future
    • Current RACI Chart
Pre-meeting notes: Need OPNFV Views on this, not so much like OS community to have RACI, "OPNFV" entry needs more detail, we need to work together better, maybe make OPNFV's version of this chart.
10 minOVP Engagement (standing topic)

2 min

CNTT Engagement  – Future Work Items

  •  Reference Infrastructure and Reference Conformance work with CNTT
    • Beyond CNTT's Terms of Reference (Scope), license issue is not a big risk for the amount of code in CNTT docs.
  •  Review OPNFV's overall process to respond to CNTT Requirements
    • CNTT Requirements have been revised - Release was
    • Need revised assessment:
    • Test Identification
    • Ref Instantiation and automation of deployment and testing
    • Badging

    TSC Review of Staffing Proposal to CNTT plus Field Trial Testing Plan and Staffing

    • CNTT discussions? other updates??
    • Input from OPNFV New Release Process meeting (virtual event,  ) 
      • Release plans can use template of project work items, duration and skills needed.
      • Negotiate between projects and requirement stakeholders - TSC facilitates

    CIRV Mandate Review

    • Mark Beierl has looked at the Common Infrastructure Realization & Validation (CIRV) Home page and its mandate and believes that there is a disconnect between what the project started out doing and what it is currently doing.
    • TSC agreed there is as an opportunity to improve  
    • On  Weekly Tech Discussion Agenda
  •  OPNFV 2.0 Actions: Work Progress Page and Agreements Capture Page
    • CNTT in OPNFV Update (Qiao Fu  )
      • CIRV Project relationship - Interactions on the basis of WIKI updates

2 min

Status Updates

Outstanding Action Items

Task report



  • Minutes approved
  • Quorum reached


  • One more week to nominate TSC Chair
  • No nominations received so far
  • No representation for Plugtest as it is now too late
  • Xtesting cannot be separated from Functest

Virtual Event Planning

  • No actions

Release Process

  • Concern was expressed over the role of PTLs in the requirements part of release planning process
  • PTLs would have veto authority over requirements
  • This is a 'release of releases', is independent of project's release process or cadence
  • Need to have a formal agreement of the proposal so we can move forward with it

Action items