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DoctorTomi Juvonen
  • Infrastructure maintenance/upgrade ETSI defined interface support to optimize and always guarantee the zero impact on VNF on top. This utilizes Fenix.
  • OpenStack DevsTack support for any testing that does not need OPNFV installer.
  • Further Kubernetes and OpenStack testing for maintenance/upgrade build at Fenix side.
Ability to make Telco-grade maintenance and upgrade.


Jerma Release Planning

SampleVNFLuc Provoost
  • Test probe image is available in artifacts.
  • Xtesting container is now available to run the test automatically
  • Results are uploaded to Xtesting server
Ability to make test cloud-configured dataplane networking benchmarks using ETSI NFV TST009 standard methods and automate using X-testing
KuberefRihab Banday
  • Fully automated CNTT RI2 deployment on bare-metal hosts in Ericsson & Intel OPNFV Labs using opensource tooling
  • Framework code hosted in OPNFV Gerrit
  • Kuberef passes CNTT RC2 conformance suite
Serve as a reference platform to deploy reference implementation in accordance with CNTT RA2 and in compliant with CNTT RC2


Kuberef Gerrit