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5Agenda Bashing
  • Discuss agenda topics
5Dashboard VM SetupSawyer Bergeron
  • Running into issues with OpenID
    • Trying to roll out LFID Auth (Akraino dashboard using it)
    • The LFID plugin tries to get the callback URL from where the site is running, but not being passed '' (instead IP).
    • Curious about proxying between nginx container and outside (reverse lookup failing to provide URL)
15Project Updates
  • Cover any status updates from projects
    • LaaS no updates
      • Brought down to implement OID, but rolled back
      • Trevor Bramwell To remember to update status page when maintenance scheduled
      • Good to have regular status to TSC on LaaS usage
    • Releng
      • Checking in with community on GitLab-CI usage
        • kuberef and airship currently evaluating
      • Start work on new OPNFV builders next week
    • Pharos
      • No updates
15Testresults Future
  • What do to about Testresults?
    • Email list with context, request add to TSC agenda
      • Utilize lfanalytics? Upstream Refstack?
      • Not gating self release process - Still gating release process?
      • Do we need the system for releases?
      • Testresults same for K8S?
  • Create list of infrastructure LF managed/community managed
    • See
10Release PlanningTrevor Bramwell
  • Infra-WG Projects not in David's Email
    • Shouldn't we be?
    • 22nd of September to finalize
    • Talk to David about clarifying steps for modifying JIRA RELREQ Epic
      • Template name?
      • Title?
      • Assign issues to epic?
5Review Action Items
  • Review pending action items
    • Need to verify where we're at with OSUOSL migration

Action items