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5 minAgenda Bashing
  • Discuss agenda topics
10 minProject UpdatesTrevor Bramwell
  • LaaS
    • Sawyer to discuss docker tagging with Trevor Bramwell
    • OpenID login troubleshooting needed
  • Pharos
    • No updates
  • Releng
    • Working on deploying new builders in LaaS.
5 minLFN Event NotesLincoln Lavoie
  • Airship is looking to utilize LaaS for 2.0 integration work
    • Airship will be changing name in the future
10 minMeld Changes related to InfrastructureLincoln Lavoie
  • Upcoming changes to be aware of
    • New Toolchain (GitLab)
    • Infra upgrade to meet Meld project requirements
    • Discussion on where new Meld code will live, and how to support it - still being determined by Meld group
      • May coalesce around CNTT documentation project
15 minLabs UpdateJack Morgan
  • PDX → COV
    • Trevor Bramwell got quotes for moving: response has been 'due to the political unrest in Portland, we're unable to help at this time'
    • Jack Morgan volunteered to move the servers
  • UNH
    • Still waiting on supplier for servers and switch
    • Trevor Bramwell reaching out to Functest with deadline to migrate
5 minReview Action ItemsTrevor Bramwell
  • Reviewed

Action items