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  • Questions around the ongoing Gitlab evaluation
    • What should be presented to the OPNFV Anuket TSC?
    • Do we need to consider the review history and comments of the existing Gerrit system?
    • How to conduct a reasonable test drive of code reviews on Gitlab, given that only a few are participating?
    • What are the issues of the Github web IDE and do they exist for Gitlab as well?

GitLab Evaluation Tracker:


  • do we need to define use cases which the evaluating projects need to cover during the evaluation?
    • pre-merge verification jobs
    • post-merge jobs
    • usability of Gitlab (web IDE) as a more colloraborative editing tool
      • collaboratively fix and refine patches (subject to prefered ways-of-working of project)
  • Should TSC write a best practice doc?  Each project can tailor it to suit their culture, but having a starting point is good
  • Need to be transparent and continue to broadcast feedback to PTLs so everyone is aware of pros/cons
  • Proposal: Use StorPerf as a POC.  It uses "master/slave" terminology and this wording can be changed without needing to know functionality.  This be open to as many people who want to experiment as possible.  We can change the terms multiple times and see how it feels
  • As both sets of tools are quite similar, it is not expected that there will be any blockers.  It could come down to pragmatic let's just move forward with the change (as it's hosted, reduces costs, etc)
  • Will all OPNFV projects move at once?  It should not be expected that it will be a big bang for all projects
  • Kuberef has until now used Gitlab CI, but not the code review functionality of Gitlab yet
    • still using Gerrit today, but Georg will propose to move code reviews to Gitlab as well 
  • Who is going to manage ACLs?  Group membership, developer vs. maintainer vs. owner, etc?
  • What is the JIRA/Confluence integration with GitLab?  Is anyone looking into that?


Georg Kunz will send an email to the OPNFV mailing lists, creating awareness and asking for feedback