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  • Status of the search for a validation platform for RC-0
    • Pod18 status: DevStack installed, but new configs needed for external networking between workload nodes
    • vsperf is making progress on this, learnings to be used by sampleVNF and rapid projects
    • Airship
      • handling of floating IP is being adapted in Functest scenarios to test Airship DPDK deployments
      • bypassing floating IP and use provider network connectivity from test machine to VM
  • Gating of release artifacts
    • Do we need an integration platform for combining the artifacts of participating projects?
      • all participating projects are allowed to integrate and validate their functionality in individual platforms
    • What is the validation integration platform for projects participating in the release?
        Do we want to have a single validation platform or separate ones?
        • individual solutions are fine, e.g., devstack, mikrostack, Airship, Kuberef
      • How do RI-1/2 relate to validation integration platforms


    • Gating of release artifacts
      • ?
        • The RI are used for validating VNFs and CNFs, they are not intended as generalized integration platform for projects