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Non TSC Attendees

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5 min

Meeting Admin

As agreed on changes to the minutes may be executed on the Agenda wiki page, with the aid of audio and text transcript available for 1 week.

5 min


Weekly Technical Meeting Hosts:

Sept - Sridhar Rao Thanks!

Oct - Emma Foley Thanks!

Nov - Georg Kunz Thanks!

Dec - Lincoln Lavoie (yes, Lincoln!)

MEC and NFV Plugtest:

  • Cross-adoption possibilities - there is a shared goal here, between requirements and conformance.
20 min


  •  Status
  •  List of
  •  Agree on RC1, remaining milestones and dates ?
    •  RC1:   (Wiki Vote that RC1 is met successful?)
    •  Technical Release:  
      •  #agree to use wiki vote on to approve Technical release, including marketing message.
    •  Marketing Release: December 15
  •  How do we characterize the JERMA Release Test Suite?
    • OPNFV provides the building-blocks (tests) for CNTT's RC.
      • Repeatable, consumable, stable.
      • Hand-off OPNFV-JERMA to RC activities and OVP badging (not the same)
      • Main goal OPNFV-JERMA is to check if the test case integration/automation and requirement coverage.
    • More specifically, is JERMA an RC Tech Preview? Prototype? Beta? Experimental?
    • JERMA is the most comprehensive set of tests aligned to the CNTT RA-1 and RC-1. 
    • CNTT determines the definition of Compliance (test cases in RC).

10 min
  •  Marketing message discussion - Review complete
    • JERMA messaging doc: Google doc
    • Wrap-up and Next steps.

10 min

MELD Topics and status updates

  •  CNTT Merger and Meld
    •  Proposed Release Artifacts for Anuket (Trevor's Notes)  Edited on , NEED to agree on a description - currently represents discussion at several meetings.
    •  Proposal for Interim Meeting Structure (first one, others possible)
      • 90 minute meeting
      • OPNFV Time-slot + 30 minutes
      • 30 minute stand-up for PTLs and WS leads, and others
      • 60 minutes for operational and deeper discussions leading to decisions.
    •  Converged work-flow or Tool chain: what do we recommend?
      •  under discussion -
      •  shift to gitlab is a continuing discussion and evaluation
    •  Release Naming -  in 2021?
      • Defer to MELD-ORG or Interim TSC: naming can remain independent.
    •  Anuket!
    •  Joint 2 hour session between Meld-ORG and Meld-OPS teams

Marketing wiki for properties of melded organization:

5 min

OVP Engagement status update

  •   recent status update

10 min

Gitlab Pilot

  •  Weekly place holder update
    • Highlights from Georg Kunz 's Kuberef talk at Technical event

Notes from StorPerf migration: GitLab and StorPerf

Evaluation tracker:

0 min

OPNFV Project Reviews

  • SampleVNF Reorganizing:  Future Review!

5 min

Status Updates

  •  OPNFV Linux Foundation Lab (Portland) hardware upgrade status
  •  LF IT/Infra update: (Aric GardnerTrevor Bramwell)

Future Topics

  •  Future Topic: upcoming ETSI NFV&MEC Plugtest ~Feb 2021

  • new template concept is on hold