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  • Last meetings update on Release D updates - refer to last week meeting notes
  • E-Release content discussion
    • (Bryan) Copper (Policy),  VES  (Telemetry), Domino (Template Distribution) should work with Model to get inputs and deliver the Service for resource orchestration to  Infra modules to provide implementation
      • (Prakash) All this integration effort can be brought to MANO WG to agree to some best practices
    • (Bryan) there will be need for other projects to join hands
      • (Prakash) Parser (OPNFV Parser, ARIA, YANG) need to be brought together
    • (Bryan) Models is discussing cross project needs to be moved , lets meet at 8 AM PST today to continue on this topic
      • action (Prakash + Bryan) Discuss inputs in Models and MANO WG for bringing together how we can compose use case to drive Domino as a service for different publishers and subscribers
      • action (Prakash) to discuss with (Ulas PTL) to see if we can agree on a common meeting time of Domino slot for both Models and Domino for Integration work as time slot of 6AM PST will suit IST/EU/China team too.
    • Next week we can discuss about API required and its  exposure for Domino to act as an independent Template service based on ability of Domino to work with different upstream like GSO (Open-O), MSO(ECOMP), Model etc.
    • Yihe Hou , Bryan and Prakash decides to close the meeting as no further items were on agenda