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Because of low attendance, Dave formally withdraw this activity.

  • Community Feedback on Docs for Colorado by Sofia Wallin


Ed (Cisco) presented this project. The questions and discussions are around plug-in structure, and performance comparison between VPP-based vSwitch v.s. OVS.

The presentation slides is available hereSofia is asking for help to update docs templates, including Install Guide, User Guide and Release Notes. The goal is to ensure:

  1. from project perspective, what should be included in the docs in order to improve the templates
  2. achieve more consistency across the docs from projects

Dave N suggested to contact Chris P for discussing it in TSC, and David M for discussing it in C Release meeting. Sofia indicated that she already talked to Chris and David, and talked about one minute in those meetings. Sofia will have follow up with David, and will ask for more time to discuss it in next C Release meeting.

Bin suggested that Sofia can send an email to mailing list and ask for help. Sofai can give a set of questions when she sends email to mailing list for help, and the answers to those questions may give some hints of the input from projects.

Action item for Sofia to send email to mailing list with a set of questions, and ask for help.

Zhijiang asked if there is a template of docs for installers. ZTE plans to propose new installer project.

Sofia indicates that all info are in wiki.

Zhijiang further asked if he needs to be a contributor or committer of DOCS project.

Sofia responded that he is very welcome to, but doesn't have to. The contributors and commiters of DOCS project focus on building documentation infrastructure. Each project's docs are within each project's scope. Unless Zhijiang intends to contribute to docs infrastructure, if Zhijiang only wants to create its own doc of new installer, he should do it in his own project. Thus he doesn't have to be a contributor or committer of DOCS project.

Meeting adjourned.