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Note: The OPNFV End User Advisory Group is being incorporated into an LF Networking-wide end user advisory initiative. For more information, please email

Meeting Schedule

Meetings of the members are held monthly.

Meeting Bridge

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States +1 (571) 317-3116
United States (Toll-free) 1 877 309 2070

Access Code: 243-836-149


The End User Advisory Group (EUAG) is to assist and support NFV communities in its objectives by providing technical and strategic guidance based on challenges of running a real-world network.


  • The BoD of OPNFV has established the EUAG to assist and support NFV communities in its objectives by providing technical and strategic guidance based on challenges of running a real-world network.  ( Subtext: Need more operators involvement and input.. )

  • The role of the End-User Advisory Group shall be purely advisory in nature, and shall not in any way bind OPNFV, the BoD, any committee of OPNFV, or any member of any of OPNFV (each a “Member”). ( Subtext: We’re sensitive about control. )

  • Likewise, the End-User Advisory Group members (each an “Advisor”) shall not be bound to any obligations to OPNFV other than abiding by the policies of OPNFV. ( Subtext: We want to be inclusive. ) 



The End User Advisory Group is made up of influential key technologists at institutions that operate production networks such as:

New members are welcome to join at any time. Please review the End User Advisory Group Charter and the End User Advisory Group Agreement. Questions and signed agreements should be sent to

Current member Bios are available here.

Definition of End User for the EUAG

Work in Progress : Existing End User Definition or "Broadly Inclusive"?

Responsibilities / Purpose

The primary responsibilities of the EUAG may include:

  1. Gather Feedback

    1. What's working, what's not

    2. Presentations on important topics, gaps, resourcing, etc

    3. Identify what needs to be communicated to upstream projects 

    4. To document operator priorities and understand plans to cover those priorities

  2. Provide Technical and Strategic Guidance

  3. Provide advice, feedback and guidance as requested regarding:

    1. Strategic priority planning for identifying gaps in NFV implementations in open source communities; 

    2. Creating appropriate coalitions to contribute towards above gaps;

    3. High-level messages for market and open source communities;

    4. How above messages should be communicated at events.

  4. Provide a discussion forum for end users of open source software, relevant to NFV, to share perspectives on progress and priorities including but not limited to architectures, technical requirements and challenges, common strategy in certain areas to influence relevant open source communities and other forums

  5. Provide Supporting Data

  6. Represent the non-confidential views of the Advisor and the broader user community;

  7. Represent the Advisor’s region and business industry; and

  8. Assist in the recruitment of new Advisors, supporters, and other OPNFV participants.

  9. Creating Working Groups as needed for focused efforts

Needed Feedback

  1. How do you use OPNFV?

     How Orange is using OPNFV (Beijing Summit)

  2. How many of your people work on OPNFV?

  3. Which release scenarios, deployers are you interested in?

  4. What is your MANO solution?


Chair : Steven Wright

Vice Chair: Randy Levensalor 

  • Self-Governed Entity

  • EUAG Chair 

    • 2-year position

    • Moderates meetings, drives recruitment, and collects agenda

  • Meets Monthly 

    • Topics and agenda are created in advance

    • Closed meetings w/ public meeting minutes

    • LF will provide meeting support

  • Face to Face Meetings

    • At ONS

    • Potentially at other events?

Meeting Minutes

Pain Points Overview Meeting Minutes



Please email

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